It was the perfect weekend getaway. You and a handful of friends rented a cabin in the woods and enjoyed a day of hiking and exploring around the lake. As evening approached you grilled steaks and ate on the dock enjoying the setting sun and coolness of evening. No wind, no bugs, no worries. Though no one wanted the night to end you all eventually made your way back to the cabin and hit the sack.

After a fitful night of sleep you are awakened by the voice of your friend. His panicked strains process before his words. You open your eyes but there is nothing but darkness. Realizing that something is covering your eyes you reach to pull it away but the tug of your right hand yanks at your left. Handcuffs?! Frantically you pull at your blindfold as you hear your distraught friend stirring the others.ashim-d-silva-112260

Your eyes do not adjust very quickly as your vision is welcomed by a bright light shining in your direction. The rest of the room is dark and separated by prison bars in which you are caged. On your side of the bars there are writings on the walls, on the other a single television set. No table, no chairs, nothing but an empty room with the words “You will LOSE” painted on the floor.

Suddenly, a screechy high pitched voice shatters the silence… “Welcome to your judgment! Thank you for coming.”

You have awakened in a jail cell owned by a crazed judge.  He knows all about your past and has decided to take the law into his own hands. In his twisted sense of mercy he is giving you 60 minutes to prove your worth or face his sentence.

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