A group of rogue computer programmers runs a top-secret government research facility in a very secluded mountain range in the Arctic. This facility contains information that could be very valuable–in the right hands. For years, this research facility has kept a low profile and kept valuable information hidden from the public eye. This group, as well as the government, knows that this information could shine a light on the corruption hidden in the government and potentially flip the public’s view on the system that is meant to protect them.

On the contrary, public access to this information would create a far more beneficial existence for the people; revealing alternative energy sources, healthier food production, and a more stable, fair economy. Gaining access to the information would be a step in the right direction for society as a whole– a step that would create endless opportunities for every citizen, a new world with open minds, ideas, and prosperity.

You have been chosen based on your knowledge and expertise to hack into the system, take down the firewall, and escape before the data is destroyed. Time is NOT on your side. The silent alarms have already been triggered by your presence and security teams are already closing in on your location. You have 60 minutes to extract the information and escape before the entire system self-destructs.

YOU are the public’s last hope. They don’t know it yet, but they’re counting on you to take this first leap into changing the world we live in and to bring the power back to the people.



NOTE: Due to the level of challenge, this room may not be suitable for children under 12.
Crouching low may be required for certain elements of this room.

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