Wouldn’t it be great if there was a better way to truly get to know someone’s personality on a first date? Sure, you can learn some of their favorite foods over dinner and maybe some of their interests through a movie date. You may even share some facts about each other during your time together. These are wonderful ways to enjoy a person’s company for the first time but does it really determine the makes and breaks of a second date? I believe an escape room would be a perfect way to really get to know someone because it shows how well each person can work as a team, how well they think, and how well they can keep their patience.

     Most people look for whether someone will put in an equal amount of effort in a relationship. Each room has many challenges where teamwork is very important in game play, especially ones that require an extra set of hands. This is an excellent way for a person to express how helpful they can be in “puzzling” (see what I did there?) and frustrating situations or whether they are willing to help at all. Will they give you a helping hand the whole way through or will you watch them throw their hands in the air in defeat halfway through as you continue to push your guys’ way to victory? 

     Another thing people tend to look for is how great of a thinker someone can be or how well they pay attention in general. Escape rooms require you to keep your eyes and ears open during the beginning spiel, video, and clues throughout the game. This is not only crucial during your game but also in determining if your date is going to be a good listener in a relationship and at least a “somewhat sharp tool in the shed” as I’ll put it in the nicest way possible. Will every clue go right over their heads? Will they respectfully listen to all of the rules as their totally awesome game master explains them in the beginning or will you two be awkwardly watching said game master clean up the broken lamp that she told you not to touch in the beginning of your game? 

        The last (but certainly not least) thing a person will look for in a relationship is how patient someone can be during anxious or under pressure situations. Some puzzles in the rooms can be quite difficult to some. This can cause frustration and even arguments among teammates. Watching how your date reacts to such situations could be a low-key way to tell how they’ll react during future problems if the potential relationship continues. Will they be able to keep their cool on a difficult lock that won’t open or shall your game master watch you awkwardly leave the room as we replace the newly broken lock? 

     Escape rooms are all about working together as a team. This is something we all want in our personal lives as well. The next time you plan a date with someone, take these things into consideration. You will either find yourself a perfect future spouse or dodge a pretty awkward bullet! 

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