February has been a busy month so far, and the time seems to be flying by pretty quickly, kind of like when you’re in one of our exciting escape rooms. Just like this month, you start out unsure of what this new experience will bring, but full of hope and determination. As you work through the obstacles ahead of you, you start to lose yourself in the things you need to accomplish. Instead of making it through a work week and navigating traffic jams and interoffice memos, you’re making it through a series of challenging puzzles and clues and navigating your way to keypads and combination locks. When things start to get tough in your everyday life, you turn to friends for help and encouragement. In our rooms, our game masters are the teammates you didn’t know you had, here to help you through the task at hand and rooting for you to find your escape. Just like checking the calendar to see where you are in the month and gauging how much time you have left to get through your to-do list, you’ll find yourself keeping an eye on the clocks as the time races forward. Right now, we’re more than halfway through February, and the pressure is on to finish this month with a win. Facing an escape room has that same fleeting feeling, that same sense of urgency and purpose.

Unlike our rooms, day-to-day life can be bland. The days can seem to blend into each other. The busy rush of the rat race can make that time flying by seem like one big blur. In our rooms though, every moment counts. Every second is memorable. The time may fly by in a blur, but that’s because time flies when you’re having fun. The experiences you have within our rooms with friends and family, and the memories you make for that one, solid hour are as unforgettable as you are.

Who could possibly forget becoming secret agents to break into a rogue lab facility in an effort to save humanity? Would being locked away in a jail cell by a corrupt judge just slip your mind? How could you ever put the day you faced a vampire in his ominous lair behind you? Could you ever overlook being chosen as the public’s last hope to discover government secrets? Of course not.

Don’t let March fly by without having an exciting, extraordinary experience. Join us for an hour in one of unforgettable rooms and bring your favorite people with you and make each minute count. We can’t wait to be on your team.

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