After all of the excitement of the holidays, we here at the Grand Rapids Escape Room are taking time to enjoy the new year and consider all of the new experiencesit holds. Not only for us, but also for all of you! We’re looking forward to being a part of those new experiences! Perhaps there’s a special birthday coming up and you’re looking for a new way to celebrate this milestone. Transport your group on an exciting adventure through a long-forgotten castle with Licastro’s Lair. Maybe you know a brilliant bride-to-be or afuture game-winning groom? An escape room is a perfect way to kick off a bachelor or bachelorette party! Judgement is a great way to bring the group together for a daring breakout!

Are you planning a first date with someone you really want to impress? Plan an exciting date with us and showcase your skills as a secret agent! Amaze your date and save the world in The Cure! Possibly, with Leap Day right around the corner, you’re looking to take a leap of your own? Take a leap into our most difficult and challenging experience with Hacker.No matter if you’re planning an unforgettable birthday party, a grand celebration, an exciting night out, or you just want to experience a brand new challenge, the Grand Rapids Escape Room is the place to make it happen.

Reserve a room with us today and make 2020 the year of great leaps and exciting experiences

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